Shops are back

A long time ago, we use to have shops in survival right at the spawn ready for players to trade at. You were able to get trades for food, tools, weapons, and more! We use the plugin known as Shopkeeper, a plugin to make setting up shops easy and hassle free for Spigot servers. We also plan to setup shops where you can sell things. As of now, the time this post was written, you can trade with emeralds, iron, and gold to get what you need. We plan to add a bit more to the trading system at the shops so it can be more flexiable.

You can find these shops at campzones. Shops won't all be in one location of a campzone, they're spread out, and put in locations of the campzone that is suitable for the shop. Like if you're at a shop that offered food, it would be either next to crops or a fence of cows/pigs. If you want to suggest something to add to the shops around the campzones, please do so in chat on the server or on the Discord server.