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Game Server Rules

The following rules must be followed when playing on Korbscraft in-game:


  • - Griefing in any way will result in instant ban, we are very restricted about this
  • - Respect all staff and players
  • - Do not lag the server as it runs on low end hardware
  • - Do not login in and out rapidly
  • Chat

  • - No spamming in anyway
  • - Do not advertise in anyway
  • - Keep private conversions with /msg, as the entire chat is public on out Discord
  • - NO NSFW content and this includes roleplaying in NSFW manners
  • Hacks

  • - Do not use hack clients at all, we no longer allow this
  • - X-ray resource packs are also not allowed
  • - No cheating or exploiting
  • Ranks

  • - Do not ask to become staff
  • - Do not ask for ranks, you have to buy them
  • - If you abuse worldedit, your rank will be removed without refund, and you will be banned until we clean up your mess
  • Account and Networking

  • - Please do not use a VPN connectionn when playing on our server, we no longer allow this
  • - Do not use alt accounts
  • - Do not bypass your IP ban
  • Discord Server Rules

    If you're on our Discord server, please follow the rules:

  • - Do not post NSFW content and no NSFW roleplaying
  • - Keep the memes fresh
  • - Please do not in the Cleverbot chat, the bot will try to respond to each message sent
  • - No texts in the background channels, image links are allowed
  • - Do not advertise, unless it's approved
  • - Keep all channels on topic
  • FAQ

    I am stuck

    Ask staff to help you if we're around. Say something anyone and we might see it in the Discord chat that you need help.

    If no one is around to help you, please use /spawn command to return back to spawn point. Please gives us coords on where you are stuck, other players may get stuck there too.

    Is the server a bit laggy?

    At times, maybe the server might slow down a bit. This is because our server runs on low end hardware. This is also running on a home server owned by Korbs. Other stuff is also running on this machine like Discord bots and websites, not just the Minecraft server.

    Specs of the server?

    You can view that here on Korbs Studio's website.

    What plugins are on the server?

    Click here to scroll down the plugins.

    Is this a vanilla server?

    Well techically no, since the server uses plugins. The server is a Spigot server, we use PaperMC, which is a lightweight version of Spigot. The server, however, is somewhat vanilla like.


    What is a Campzone?

    Campzones are random stores around the map for quick needs, food, tools, etc. They are usually built to look like a camping zone, which is where the name "CampZone" comes in from. The player behind the idea of the campzone is Rat(plays as Rastaminecraft). Houses with beds are also offer if you're staying overnight.


    Campzone 0 - Spawn

    Campzone 1 - 404001 70 25542

    Campzone 2 - 404151 64 25743


    List of Plugins

    Here is the entire list of plugins that our server uses, we plan to add more in the future:


    This is why you should always use /msg when having private conversions on the server, since the rest of the chat is public.

    Using this plugin, you are able to give players the ability to chat in-game to chat with players on your Discord server as well as having people on the Discord server be able to chat with people on the server- this is useful for the situation of someone not being at their computer and being able to talk in-game. As well as that, this plugin also has a remote console feature. You can designate a text channel for the plugin to listen on where messages sent to that channel are run as commands by the server console. You should restrict sending this channel to a developer or high ranking role only. Due to how Discord's permissions work, though, you can have some server roles being able to see the console, yet not being able to send messages in that channel, thus creating a read-only console for trusted staff members. Both the chat and console link are toggleable through the configuration file. Some, but not all, options can be refreshed with /discord reload, by an op. VanishNoPacket permissions like silent join/quit, fake join/quit and join without announcing are checked when sending player join messages in the chat channel.

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    We have had countless times where banned users and IP banned users will try attept to join our server via VPN connection/Alts. With Anti VPN, this should prevent them from getting in.

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    The plugin hasn't been configured yet. But there are come things on the server that causes messes and we just want to ban them so badly. As an example, most messes that have been on the server mostly involves lava, so we could be banning Lava buckets soon once the plugin is configured.

    BanItem is a simple lightweight & configurable per world ban item plugin. The main goal of the plugin is to disable specifics actions for specifics items in specifics worlds, with specifics permissions.

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    To use this in the survival mode, buy one of our ranks.

    Turns on and off fly with a simple toggle command.

    Commands to use:

  • /fly
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    HomeSpawn is the sister plugin of WarpPoint. You might find they are similar in many ways. This also means that there may be sometimes where they have the same features or similar commands. hopefully, this makes it easier to use rather than annoy anyone.


  • /sethome (name)
  • /delhome (name)
  • /homelist
  • /home (name)
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    See the images around the portals in the lobby, yeah that's this. Pretty neat and I am a huge fan of it. Just a tip, one block is 128x128 with images.

    You can load any image doesn't matter the size, however, it should be kept in mind that all blocks are 128x128 pixels. So, if your image is massive then it may take a lot of blocks to display and may also lag the client. Only PNGs and JPGs/JPEGs images are currently supported.

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    Land Claiming

    LandClaiming was developed for ZW_15 to work as a world protection plugin. With this plugin, players can claim any land, with any size or shape as long is it does not go over the max amount of claimed blocks (which is configurable).

  • /lock - Lock a block
  • /unlock - Unlock a block
  • /claim NAMEOFREGION - Claims an area
  • /unclaim NAMEOFREGION - Unclaim an area
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    LuckPerms is an advanced permissions implementation aiming to be a fast, reliable and flexible alternative to existing permission plugins. The project's main goals are centered around high performance and a wide feature set, filling the gaps of functionality and building upon existing features found in other plugins. LuckPerms also includes an extensive API for developers, and support for a variety of Minecraft server software & data storage options.

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    Multiverse was created at the dawn of Bukkit multiworld support. It has since then grown into a complete world management solution including special treatment of your nether worlds with Multiverse NetherPortals. In the second delivery of Multiverse, we've broken it up into several smaller plugins that are each feature packed but not bloated! Multiverse provides the easiest to use world management solution for your Minecraft server, big or small, and with great addons like Portals and NetherPortals, what's not to love!

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    Mulitverse Portals

    Multiverse was created at the dawn of Bukkit multiworld support. It has since then grown into a complete world management solution including special treatment of your nether worlds with NetherPortals.

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    Prevents TNT, Creepers, and other explosions from causing block damages.

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    Per World Inventory

    This plugin allows you to separate your player's inventories between groups of worlds. Various player stats are separated, too; this includes things like active potion effects, exp, level, economy balance, and much more. These all can be configured on a per-item basis, should you want some things to be shared between groups. All commands can be seen in-game with the '/pwi help' command, and on the PWI Wiki (see below).

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    The plugin allows you to set the point to teleport to the lobby, for a start writing: /setlobby but to teleport in the lobby write: /lobby To prevent conflicts with EssentialsSpawn, SetSpawn Delete if there are plug-ins before to put setlobby. This is also the plugin that added the /spawn command to the server.

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    Simple Sit

    Simple Sit is a plugin that adds a sitting and laying feature into Minecraft. By default anyone who joins a servers with this plugin installed has the ability to sit by using the /sit or /lay command. Simple Sit should work with every permissions plugin out there.


  • /sit
  • /lay
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    World Edit

    If you have bought a rank from us, worldedit is usually included. Just a FYI, you will still be limited to the command of commands you can use. So not all world edit commands will be listed. This is to help prevent grief on the server, although there is still a lot power you have with the plugin. As stated in our rules: "If you abuse worldedit, your rank will be removed without refund, and you will be banned until we clean up your mess."

    A very powerful building tool, we all know this one, right? As of 1.13, DO NOT USE FAST AYNCE WITH WORLDEDIT AND/OR WORLDGUARD.

    WorldEdit lets you build fast and smart. Why should you spend your time building a wall or excavating a hole when you can work on something creative?

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    World Guard

    WorldGuard lets you and players guard areas of land against griefers and undesirables, as well as tweak and disable various gameplay features of Minecraft.

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