A Fresh Start


December 25th, 2019

Starting out the new year with a server reset, bringing a fresh start to the server! All olds builds, worlds, and some plugins have all been removed from the server. Don't worry, all the old stuff has been backuped safely to an online drive. Since we're doing a fresh start, there will be some changes to the server.

What's new on the server and what has changed? For the last two years, the server has two worlds each for creative and survival. This will be changning where for now on it will be a survival only server. This is because in the past 6 months, no one has been playing on the creative world, so no reason to bring it back. Plugins like Teleport Ask, Simple Sit, and Set Home are being removed. There is one new plugin added to the server and that is Dynmaps. Thanks to Dynmaps, you can server's map here on the website. A new store here on the website is being worked on, here you can purchased ranks in future, it is still a work in progress. Campzones will still be a thing and they will be built fully in survival mode, no creative involved.

A new event is occuring on Halloween, 10 months from now! The name of this will be The Purge. The purge will last 24 hours on a seperate server you can join. You will be equipped with wooden armor and wooden weapons and tools, you must survive the purge as long as possible and if you die, you die. Spawn rate for monsters will be increased along with rare monsters like skeleton horse. Some abandon shelters can be found on the map, look for these to find food and to get better equipment, chest will be well hidden in these shelters along with abandon houses and caves. Stay tune until October 31st to join on the event.

Other changes:

  • Ban list reset
  • Operator list reset
  • Port updated
  • Updated Discord bot and DiscordSRV plugin
  • Updated Multiverse
  • Coordinates removed from F3 screen
  • Updated to PaperMC 1.15.1