August Update


August 1st, 2020

You may have of noticed that our server has been offline now for a few days for maintanence. This was for a couple things, one being that the survival world was completely corrupted in the spawn area destorying all bases around it including the nearby village; Two, we went offline to configure our server for BungeeCord. Yep, that's right, we're now a BungeeCord server, stll using PaperMC of course.

We've attempted using BungeeCord before in the past, but failed since we couldn't ever get our portals in lobby to work. So we changed the method this time, to travel to either the survival or creative server, we'll use a feature that is already built into BungeeCord, and that is using the command "/server" and then clicking on a server name(Survival, Creative, Lobby) to travel to the selcted server.

We also went ahead and unmerged from Korbs Studio's official Discord server. You can join our new server here.