Creative is Here


May 2nd, 2020

Creative has finally arrived to Korbscraft! In the creative world, you can build whereever in an open world without plots, claim land like you do in survival to save your builds. We're also World Edit for $25, the price is high to for a good reason. Also players have complained about the village near spawn being dead, this is because when you players remove the beds from village houses, instead of villagers sleeping, they wonder around and zombies get to them and kill, please do not remove doors or beds from villagers' home.

In order to get to the creative world, type /lobby and enter the creative portal that is on the left side.

What if you do buy world edit and what would you have access to? Of course we're not gonna allow you have all access to world edit.

Here are the following commands you will have access to when purchasing world edit:

  • //pos1
  • //pos2
  • //wand
  • //replace
  • //set
  • //line
  • //copy
  • //paste

  • All other updates:

  • Creative was added
  • /afk command added
  • Store now available
  • DiscordSRV plugin updated
  • Luckperms plugin updated
  • Shopkeeper plugin updated