Minor Update #1


May 9th, 2020

With this minor update, I have cleaned up the server. For the past week, our chat format has been messy and broken, this has been fixed, and the chat format will now only show the username along with the message that user sent in chat. The reason why our chat format was broken was because there was an attempt to add prefixes and the Esstinial plugin made a mess since it wasn't configured properly.

The tab list in the server use to show a lot of information and some of it was still on default like the top saying "ServerName" which obviously was suppose to be changed. Instead, it has been set to only show the IP and the playerlist, making it simple. There may be stuff added to it in the future.

The kits feature was finally acknowledged when configuring the Esstinial plugin and the owner wans't aware of it before. Because of this, we'll be adding kits to the server, starting with just a "Starter" kit. You can get it now by typing "/kit starter". In the future, more kits will be added.

When typing "/discord", an invite link was expected by players. Sadly this was never configured in the DiscordSRV plugin files, I went ahead and added a link to this. So now when typing "/discord", a valid link should now show up in chat.

Our new lobby has been cleaned up outside to prevent lag, apologizes for that.